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Santa Clara County Criminal Lawyer Michael Rehm provides representation on all criminal defense matters throughout Santa Clara County, including San Jose, Palo Alto and Morgan Hill.  Criminal matters affect an individual’s livelihood to an extreme extent. Heavy fines and incarceration are consequences that demand the best possible defense.

In Santa Clara County, if you are charged with a drug offense, even if coupled with a non-drug offense, it best to try and get the matter heard in Drug Court, located at 115 Terraine Street San Jose, CA 95110.  The resolutions at this court are more in favor of rehabilitation, as opposed to punishment in the other courthouses. Examples of drug related offense include:

(1)    Under the influence of a controlled substance

(2)    Possession of Narcotics

(3)    Drug Sales

Whatever the particular drug charge may be, your best odds are always at Terraine Street.  That does not mean that a successful defense cannot be presented at the other courthouses, it is just a reflection of my experience in Santa Clara County.

Other crimes such as Domestic Violence, Theft, and Violent crimes will be heard at the other criminal locations and as stated before a strong defense is a necessity.  Contact San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Rehm to determine the best plan of attack for your criminal case.  Consultations are available in person or at (408) 489-2007. For information on criminal and DUI cases in San Mateo County, visit The Law Office of Michael Rehm’s San Mateo DUI Attorney website.

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