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San Jose DUI Defense Attorney Michael Rehm provides representation in Santa Clara County for the following:

(1)    DUI

  1. Misdemeanor and Felony DUI – In California, a DUI is a misdemeanor if there was no injury, and it is either a first, second, or third offense DUI in 10 years. However, if one of the prior DUI convictions was for a felony, any subsequent DUI within 10 years becomes a felony as well.
  2. A felony DUI is generally where there is an injury or it is a fourth offense or more within 10 years. In regards to a Felony DUI with Injury, it is important to remember that a DUI with Injury can be either charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, it is in the complete discretion of the prosecutor as to how to charge this offense, but generally, the more serious the injury, the more serious the charge.

(2)    Criminal Offenses

  1. Misdemeanors
  2. Felonies

(3)    Traffic Tickets

  1. Misdemeanor cases such as Driving on A Suspended License
  2. Moving Violations such as Speeding

(4)    DMV hearings

  1. Administrative Per Se Hearings
  2. Medical Revocations
  3. Negligent Operator Hearings

Criminal and DUI Cases in Santa Clara County are heard at the following locations:

(1)    Hall of Justice: 190 W. Hedding Street San Jose, CA 95110

(2)    Juvenile Justice Courthouse: 840 Guadalupe Pkwy. San Jose, CA 95110

(3)    South County: 301 Diana Avenue Morgan Hill, CA 95037

(4)    Old Courthouse: 161 North First Street San Jose, CA 95113

(5)    Palo Alto: 270 Grant Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94306

(6)    Terraine Court/Drug Court – 115 Terraine Street San Jose, CA 95110

No matter what courthouse you are assigned to, the fact that you need a strong defense does not change. Contact Michael Rehm for a free, confidential consultation at (408) 489-2007 to determine what defense is the strongest for your case.


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